TommyEverman Animal Shelter

3961 Bluebell Street
Everman, Tx
Phone: 817-561-5495
Fax: 817-293-0758

Message from ACO

As we all know, Texas weather can change in a matter of minutes. But just because the weather changes doesn't mean the law should be ignored. Texas Law (TX Penal Code 42.092) requires all outside animals to be provided shelter consisting of three solid walls and a solid roof. A simple dog house you build is sufficient, provided your pet has full access to it at all times. I am receiving more and more complaints about animals being left outside without any sort of shelter. A carport, patio or lean-to will not do. We at Animal Services would like to see compliance with the law rather than write tickets for ignorance. We will write the tickets if we have to. State Law (TX Health and Safety Code 821.077) requires that any outside pet be brought inside out of the cold if the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. As some of you know, I have changed my schedule to include at least one night shift per week to help meet with residents who are unavailable during the day, so I will be checking backyards for compliance!

If you have any questions, please contact us at the shelter at 817-561-5495.

Kimberly Bingham , Animal Control Officer