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3961 Bluebell Street
Everman, Tx
Phone: 817-561-5495
Fax: 817-293-0758

Abandoment of Animals

At the Animal Control Shelter, there have been a lot of problems with citizens dumping their animals off or just dumping strays off after hours. Just so all of the residents know, it is AGAINST THE LAW to abandon an animal and if you are caught, charges will be pressed against you. Even if you tie them up or throw them in a box and leave them at the door, it is a crime. Most of the animals that are left at the shelter after hours end up injuring themselves and some have even died from strangulation and suffocation. Abandoning an animal is not fair to the animals that can't defend themselves.

If you have an animal that you no longer want, all you have to do is contact the Animal Control Shelter at 817/561-5495 and leave a message. There is a fee for the pickup of an animal, but between a pickup fee or charges pressed for abandonment, we believe it would be easier just to pay the pickup fee.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding the well being of your pet, please contact your local Animal Control at 817/561-5495 or a local veterinarian.