Public Notice Tarrant County

CDBG PY2016 (42nd Year)

March 3, 2016

The City of Everman has applied for federal funds under the Community Development Block Grant program to improve water infrastructure. The project is replacement of 884 Linear Feet of 6in cast iron water main with 8 inch PVC pipe, adding 3 fire hydrants and making residential service connections in 400-500 blocks of Smith Ave from Langley Ave to Shelby Rd. 37% of the project area lies within an estimated 324 Linear Feet of Zone AE, 100 - year floodplain. FEMA Map No. 48439C0320K and 48439C0435K.

The water main improvement must move forward because current existing residents living within the floodplain require the infrastructure to be updatedto live in a safe and sustainable neighborhood. Current water infrastructure in the neighborhood is prone to repeat breakage and there are no alternatives that to move forward with the planned project of replacing and improving the water main. As 37% of the area lies within the floodplain, not assisting this portion of the neighborhood will affect the neighborhood as a whole; therefore, not replacing the water mains is not an option. The direct benefits of replacing the existing water infrastructure outweigh the alternative of not moving forward with the project. All measures will be taken to minimize and adverse impacts to the floodplain. The disturbed area will be restored to current status as to not aggravate the current hazards to other floodplains and their values.

The complete proposed project application and enviromental review record is located at the offices of Tarrant County Community Development, 1509B S. University Dr., Suite 276, Fort Worth, TX 76107 and can be viewed between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Persons wishing to comment on the proposed action may contact Patricia Ward, Tarrant County Community Development Director at 817-850-7940 or via mail at the above address. Comments will be received through March 18, 2016.
Final Public Notice of Proposed project within a Flood Plain