City of Everman BoardsBird

Library Board
Chairman Clyde Pittman
Vice Chairman Tom Corley
Secretary Alice Corley
Board Member April Clewis
Board Member Shirley Haley
Alternate Nelda Winnett
Meet Every Other Month
Planning & Zoning Board
Board Member Charles Reed
Board Member Rick Malin
Alternate Debby Tywater
Liaison Donna Strickland
Meet On 3rd Thursday Monthly
Board of Adjustments/Appeals
Chairman Howard Walley
Board Member James Touchstone
Board Member Patsy Malone
Board Member Beverley Wade
Liaison Donna Strickland
Meet On As Need Basis (Called Meetings)
Everman Community Development Corporation
President Steve Faram
Vice President Vicky Garza
Secretary Denise Douglass
Treasurer Kathy Renshaw
Board Member Margaret Sides
Board Member Dorris Wilkerson
Board Member Johnnie Allen
Asst. Secretary Tatiana Peres
Meetings To Be Announced